Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Managed I.T. Service Increases Business Efficiency

The Time Is Now! How Much Can You Save?

What was your worst technology nightmare? How long did it take to fix it? How much business did you lose? How much did it cost you?

In a project-based, reactive I.T. service delivery model where you call for technology support when something goes wrong, you bear all of the risk in the relationship. For instance, if your server fails and it takes your I.T. service company 12 hours to recover it, you’ll be billed for 12 hours of labor.
Now think about that; if you experience one instance of server downtime a month that could easily add up to $1200.00 every month or over $14,000.00 a year! And that’s without including all your other technology expenses like workstations, network equipment, printers, anti-virus and data backup to protect against data loss. That’s a lot of cash!

But there’s another way to go. If instead of a project-based tech service you have a Managed I.T. Service provider, you are billed on a flat-fee basis giving you a predictable, manageable monthly or quarterly expense. Maintenance is proactive and ongoing, reducing the need for repairs and downtime. The reality for your business is that when your I.T. is managed efficiently, your business becomes more profitable. With your office technology in the hands of a reputable Managed I.T. Service provider throughout the year, your technology runs efficiently, you save money and you mitigate risk and pain.

Your Managed I.T. Service provider can help you improve business processes and business outcomes by monitoring, analyzing and evaluating your network, technology and energy usage over time. Quarterly Business Technology Reviews are used in the development of your Technology Roadmap, showing you how efficient I.T. can help you achieve your business goals and objectives.
Proactive network monitoring conducted by a Managed I.T. Service can provide your business with quantifiable, operational and financial improvements and long-term benefits using state-of-the-art, smart, software tools. Doesn’t that sound better than calling the tech company the next time something crashes?

Stop worrying about your office technology and get control of your budget and time! USL Technology is here to help you. We provide Managed I.T. Service to businesses throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

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Why a Solid IT Network Foundation Matters To Your Business?

In business, it’s literally all about connections. Don’t expect consumer-grade technology to meet your business class needs. Network equipment products designed for home use are just not designed to provide the scalability, security and configurable feature sets that businesses need. A well designed, connected and secure IT network foundation enables businesses to reduce network operations costs, provide highly secure remote access for employees and vendors, and prepare for the future addition of technology without expensive upgrades. Key technology upgrades that can then be added to the network foundation on an as need basis include any of the following:
  • Wireless Mobility
  • IP Telephony/VoIP Phone Services
  • Video Surveillance
  • QoS
  • VPN
  • Data Backup
  • Network and Data Security
  • Video Conferencing
 Core networking products — switches, routers, Firewall and Wireless Access Points provide these key benefits for small or large enterprise businesses:
  •  Improve employee productivity: Employees save time and improve efficiency when they have instant access to electronic files and resources while away from their desks. 
  • Improve collaboration: Employees work together from anywhere more effectively when they can easily share information, eliminating duplicate efforts and reducing mistakes. 
  • Improve digital workflow: Keeping remote workers connected improves the collaboration between team members and, ultimately improves the quality of products and services.  
  • Deliver better customer service: Connecting employees and offices to key information.
  • Provide the flexibility to add to the network: As the business grows, and as network demands change, businesses can build upon their network, saving money in the process.
  • Secure the network: Highly secure networking and communications help assure that businesses run smoothly with reduced downtime due to virus attacks and digital threats. 
 Have a technology question? Want to find out how a business class I.T network can improve your business and your bottom-line? Contact Fatou today for a free professional consultation or call: (866) 761-0940.